Public Art: Accentuating the Local Community

How often do you drive through a city, even your own hometown, and not notice your surroundings? How often do you recognize the public art located in an around town? Do you ever wonder what purpose it has for the city? And what about those individuals who organized those projects, how do they affect the … Continue reading

Gallery Review: Texas Artist Coalition Featured Artist Robertus van der Wege

Art Institute of Dallas Professor Robertus van der Wege is this months Featured Artist for the Texas Artist Coalition currently on exhibit at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. His sculptures are made out of found materials from bicycles and other objects that fit within his theme of environmentalism and recycling. After traveling around the … Continue reading

Formal Analysis: Georgia O’Keeffe, “Series I, No. I” (1918)

The Amon Carter Museum has a wide variety of Georgia O’Keeffe paintings in their permanent collection, spanning almost her entire career. Series I, No. I from 1918, an oil on canvas painting measuring 20×16 inches, is from the early part of her career as a professional artist. O’Keeffe utilizes abstract forms and a wide variety … Continue reading

Gallery Review: “In Times Past” by Randall Reid

Although small in scale, Randall Reid’s work currently on view at William Campbell Contemporary Gallery is impressive. Reid used natural materials, such as wood, metal and steel, which have been transformed for human purposes, like rulers and metal signs that have been discarded on the side of the road. Referring to his finished work as … Continue reading

Gallery Review: “Southpaw” by Glenn Downing

The Fort Worth Community Arts Center has always focused on the local artistic community bringing in artists from around the area to showcase their new contemporary work. Glenn Downing was chosen to do an exhibit, Southpaw, in one of their focus galleries from January 8 to February 9, 2010. This show includes several of his … Continue reading

Formal Analysis: Morris Louis, “Dalet Kaf” (1959)

Morris Louis’s painting Dalet Kaf from 1959 is currently on exhibition at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum.  The painting is acrylic resin on canvas and measures 100 5/8 X 143 inches, taking up almost the entire wall on which it is hung. Louis uses line, color and contrast of light and dark elements to … Continue reading