Articles Worth Reading: “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” by Laura Mulvey

In this essay, Laura Mulvey discusses how popular films and film makers, like Hitchcock and von Sternberg, have perpetuated patriarchal ideologies in their own films. Taking a Freudian approach to her examination of American cinema, Mulvey finds that films are specifically made with a male audience in mind. The function of the female character in … Continue reading

Articles Worth Reading: “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” by Linda Nochlin

In this essay, Linda Nochlin highlights and elaborates upon the reasons ‘why there have been no great women artists.’ Overall, I have always found Nochlin’s argument truthful and straightforward, as she attempts to answer the question she poses. What I have always enjoyed about her argument is that she openly states to the audience, from … Continue reading

Article Worth Reading: “Second Sight” (2010)

In my attempt to avoid doing any real work this morning, I found this article. It’s inspiring and worth a read. Just knowing that one can over come the obstacles in front of them and do what they love to do… no matter what… is worth knowing and sharing. Here is an excerpt from the … Continue reading

Articles Worth Reading: ‘Art and Culture’ by Clement Greenberg

The champion of Abstract Expressionism, Clement Greenberg, explains in his essay the misconception about Abstract art and why, in reality (or his reality) it is not that much different from representational art, the traditionally favored form of painting and sculpture. One of the major points Greenberg made was that ‘Art is a matter strictly of … Continue reading

Article Worth Reading: “Reconfiguring Pop” by Saul Ostrow

When we think of Pop Art names that usually come to mind include, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, and many other male artists of the decade that changed and shaped what we consider Pop Art today. What about those female artists that were also involved and active during the typical “Pop Age” … Continue reading

Article Worth Reading: “Rumor, Contagion, and Colonization in Gros’s Plague Stricken of Jaffa (1804)”

Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby sets out to rectify the misconception that Antoine-Jean Gros’s painting Bonaparte visitant les pestiférés de Jaffa was designed for state propaganda in “Rumor, Contagion, and Colonization in Gros’s Plague-Stricken of Jaffa (1804)”. For Grigsby, Gros’s painting is more complex and open to interpretation than previous cursory readings. In her reexamination, Grigsby hypothesizes … Continue reading