Article Worth Reading: “Second Sight” (2010)

In my attempt to avoid doing any real work this morning, I found this article. It’s inspiring and worth a read. Just knowing that one can over come the obstacles in front of them and do what they love to do… no matter what… is worth knowing and sharing.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“In the late seventies, [Flo Fox] began losing sight in her left eye, and then control of her limbs; it took doctors two years to diagnose her with M.S. No longer able to sew, she switched to photography, aided by an autofocus Polaroid camera. She spent several years chronicling the rot of Times Square and the rise of graffiti, her best work capturing the sly juxtapositions of late-night city life: a madly grinning bunny costume laid over trash cans, a biker casually parking his assless chaps on a diner stool. Her work was exhibited in London and Paris, and in the early eighties, she had her own A&E talk show. Charlie’s Angels star Kate Jackson optioned Fox’s life rights for a never-produced TV movie. Fox even dated the real-estate tycoon Sylvan Lawrence. “He wanted to give me a loft,” recalls Fox. “I said, ‘And be a kept woman? Nope.’ ”

Click here to read the full article.


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